Six Skincare Tips To Prevent Dark Circles Under Eyes

We only get to walk this earth for a short amount of time and the time we get to show off our taut skin is even slimmer! So, when you have to deal with the possibility of dark circles under eyes, you may want to do something to prolong the inevitable. Check out a few tips to help you stave off those dreaded eye dark circles.

If you wake up and immediately wash your face with warm or hot water, you’re causing damage to your skin. Now, you shouldn’t freak out about this. The damage is extremely slight. However, over the course of many years, this can cause premature dark circles under your eyes. So it’s best if you use cold water or lukewarm water to wash your face in the morning. Cleaning is important, but skip the hot water.

Rubbing your skin, especially around your eyes, is also going to have a similar effect as the warm water. Sure, it’s not a lot of damage, but it will accumulate. You will eventually lose the elasticity in your skin if you’re rubbing on it, so you should instead pat dry with a very soft towel to avoid doing any damage at all to your skin.

Everyone needs their 8 hours of sleep every night to rejuvenate, and this is especially true if you’re hoping to keep your skin looking its best. Not only does the sleep help your body recharge and help your skin to stay healthy, but actually having your eyes closed is a great way to stave off dark circles. Don’t become Rip Van Winkle here; just get enough sleep every night.

Using chemicals on your face is always a bad idea, so if you must wear any makeup at all, you need to make sure that it’s natural. Organic products might cost a little bit more due to the whole organics boom thing happening right now, but your face will thank you for it in another ten years. While other people your age are displaying their dark circles, you’ll still look like you’re in your 20s.

Eye creams should follow along the same lines as the makeup you’re using. If you’re using an eye cream at night to fight back against the dark circles, make sure that you’re using an all-natural product. Some eye creams work well for a few months, but then the effects start to show after prolonged usage. You can avoid this by going with a natural product.

When you want to remove your makeup, a gentle soap product and some lukewarm water will do the trick. Don’t rub and scrub and scrape it off either. Be very gentle with the makeup on your face and never use any alcohol or oil-based products to assist in the removal. If that takes that much to get it off, it’s not worth putting on.

Your eyes are usually the first thing people notice about your face, so make sure that you’re following the tips laid out above if you want to avoid having premature eye dark circles. They’re going to show up eventually, but you can put it off for a long while.

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