All That You Wanted To Know About Hair Restoration Loss

Today hair restoration loss is becoming increasingly popular in order to treat thinning or losing hair. There are many reasons for this. New kinds of restoration procedures are being discovered with advances being made in medical technology. This has also made the restoration techniques more affordable today. In fact, hair restoration can be done for both men and women today.

Dermatologist can do hair restoration by using prescription or non-prescription drugs. Besides that, even laser devices can be installed in combs, brushes as well as other handheld devices. The laser will stimulate hair growth.

The prescription medicines include taking a pill that is able to slow down hair loss in some people and can stimulate hair growth in other people. In case of hair loss that is caused by inflammation in the body, a medicine can be injected into the scalp in order to stop this inflammation.

There are various types of hair restoration procedures that are recommended by the dermatologist. These are based on the amount of hair that has been lost.

Hair transplantation is a common procedure. In this, the area of the scalp having less hair is replaced with a piece of scalp that has a good growth of hair.

Scalp reduction is usually done in people who are on their way to getting bald. In this case, the piece of scalp that is bald is removed. Then, the parts of scalp that have hair are brought together. This type of surgery can also be done in conjunction with hair transplant.

Scalp expansion is a process in which certain devices are inserted just under the scalp in order to expand the scalp. There are two reasons for doing this. This can be done in order to increase the scalp that is hair bearing. It can also be done prior to scalp reduction in order to make the scalp more lax and make the process of scalp reduction much easier.

Scalp flaps refers to segments of hair-bearing scalp being removed and being placed in the bald patches.

Surgery is not the only option for hair restoration. It all depends on the cause behind hair loss. There can be many causes of hair loss that will not require any kind of surgery. It is just the causative factor that needs to be removed. Hair loss can be due to extensive hairstyling. This may be damaging the hair and leading to hair loss. Also, pulling back the hair too tightly can also cause excessive breakage of hair. Thus, hair needs to be handled carefully in order to restore them to their original glory.

There can be irritations on the scalp. This can lead to scratching and scars on the scalp. Hair will not grow on these scars. The cause of this irritation of the scalp is to be removed.
Any kind of hormonal changes in the body can also lead to hair loss. Besides, in case hair loss is due to genetic factors, no hair restoration loss of any kind will be able to help.

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